Baryon Naruto vs Isshiki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ep 217: Naruto makes use of his Baryon Mode to thrash Isshiki! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll!

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  1. Crunchyroll Collection

    Watch episode 217 here!

  2. The best fight in boruto still NaruSasu vs momoshiki:)

  3. Dang see I love naruto how he fight with his baryon mode.

  4. D o p e

  5. NAruto take him to the village of these hands

  6. Its a fanmade anime dont worry about it

  7. Episode just came out about 24hrs ago and 2million views already, also what was that about them nerfing the ogs that people are always crying about look at Naruto here.

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