Barcelona 5-1 Lyon (5-1 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona and Leo Messi turned on the current fashion to book their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.


  1. Barca is a great team, but they do get away with many dives both defending and at the box + refs always helped them out.

  2. Ronald shows you the best of a human being. Messi shows you how god plays football

  3. This is our year! C’mon Barca!

  4. Krzusztof Budzynski

    In all this euphoria, how good Barcelona has been in this game, there is one BIG blemish… the very first goal from the penalty kick.
    The refs completely missed this one, as instead of a penalty for Barca, there should be at least a yellow card for that cheater Suarez.
    This cheeky bastard , the king of fakes, did it again: after stepping on the foot of the defender he jumped in the air and fell on the
    ground with a grimace on his face. WHAT A BLATANT ACTING! And the refs got duped one more time, just like in the infamous
    game vs PSG and his intentional diving. This guy should be banned from soccer for life; he denies with his actions the idea of sportsmanship
    and fair play in sports. Years ago, during World Cup, he deliberately stopped Ghanian shot with his hand and as an outcome, pushed
    Uruguay to the next round!!! And once in a while he even bites opponents on the field ( Chellini ). How many more years shall I witness
    this crook’s dirty tricks tolerated by soccer officials? It is not even outrageous anymore. IT’S PATHETIC !

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