Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer

We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We in addition got to ask President Obama several questions, and we will ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on YouTube 12/16/20.


  1. My handsome president we missyou so much.. that damn fool crybaby has hijack america and he is mentally ill the fool think he won the election. He need a mental hospital..bad he has lost his mind.. trying to undermind the ten comment. He is bat hell crazy….

  2. Awe you both are hyped up and emotional I can tell by watching and listening you’ll talk and speak and it makes me so proud and happy♥️♥️♥️

  3. May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true today and always♥️♥️♥️

  4. Love it!! Keep sharing, guys!!

  5. Next time say “Thanks Mr. President!” 🙂

  6. Brilliant!

  7. Teena Marie, Square Biz

  8. If you want to learn more about Dylan, the first thing to know is he has had varied styles of music throughout his career, and there was a big controversy when he switched from acoustic to electric. He is also the only songwriter to have won the Nobel Prize. I’d recommend the compilation “Biograph” to get started and checkout some of the videos of his performances at Newport: . If you have 12 minutes and want to have a unique experience, close your eyes and listen to Desolation Row:

  9. Congrats you guys! This was so awesome to see. President Obama was right – mixtapes were so much work! They were labors of love for sure lol

  10. Shit, you’re 22? I thought you were like 16

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