BANNED Things In The NBA

Illegal shoes, weird accessories, a celebration that almost KILLED somebody… These are things the NBA banned..


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  1. His shoes are great insane #NBA-I❤This Game

  2. Joleen Lamoree

    His shoes are great insane #NBA-IThis Game #NBA-I❤This Game

  3. Balls being played with 😂😂😂

  4. 1:38 where is that please tell me

  5. Bro Giannis shoes ain’t ass cmon
    Why you hating

  6. Brittany James


  7. yes i remember when stephen curry wore shoes with nails he went off with 89 rebounds 690 points and 200 assist good thing the nba saw that and banned them

    edit:credits to @torontoraptors2343

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