Banks Are Collapsing… Here’s Why

What now. And what is next?

3D Artist: Ed Leszczynski @LeszczynskiEd
Video Editor: Harry Bagg @HarryRBagg
Virtual Production Software: Aximmetry

Scams, bad business opportunities, and bogus gurus are subjective terms that mean different things to different folks. I think somebody who pledges $100K/month for an in advance fee of $2K is a scheme. Others would declare it a Napoleon Hill pitch.


  1. Horrible video

  2. Most people don’t have over $250k in deposits. It doesn’t matter to most people. Move on with your life. The news is just sensationalism.

  3. Let the banks crap the bed. These bailouts are essentially just ensuring the extremely rich people and companies, so that they don’t pull money out and bankrupt more banks. It doesn’t matter if Joe Blow loses our money, but if the elites money leaves the banks they will go broke.

  4. Cramer has powerful handlers that take advantage of the gullible that stay at home and watch cable tv

  5. Doesn’t matter if my bank is safe because I have no money anyway😀

  6. Master Shredtacular

    the “inverse-cramer” investing strategy is the best investing strategy

  7. Geronimo Valderrama

    Let’s all just admit that coffee zillla is the best and the king of exposés😌😌😌

  8. Culinary Physics

    This video is a wake-up call to the current state of banks. It’s important to stay informed and take action to protect our finances.💰

  9. Two banks does not equal all banks. STOP.

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