Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights

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  1. Salvatore D Morlino

    Flat routes are the best

  2. I’ve been saying Lamar is overrated.

  3. Man i love my team 🥹

  4. NFL getting a lot more competitive!

  5. still get goosebumps watchin the highlights, BIG BLUE is hella great this year. Love the G men, truly great to see em like this after theae past years. LETS GOOO BABY..BLEED BLUE

  6. At 1:20 in to the video u can see the football hit something !!!! Take a look?

  7. I’m Def not a professional but I’ve been watching football for a while. The teams peaking early might not be around come end of season just saying. But I do like seeing jets and giants and eagles contending it’s good for football keep it up wish the best for em.

  8. my ravens actually drafted him…
    He costed us this game…

  9. I’m amazed by the comments from people who don’t understand why Barkley opted not to go in for the touchdown. This was the smart move. By not scoring the touchdown, the Giants were able to run out the clock. If Barkley scored the touchdown, the chances are still almost certain the Giants would win the game, but then the Giants have to put their special teams and defense back out on the field and there is the needless risk of a player getting injured.

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