Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals | 2022 Super Wildcard Weekend Game Highlights

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  1. bumbleboo twiddletoes

    Roughing the kicker rules need to be changed. Once you go for the ball you can’t help but run into him. It’s a stupid, stupid rule.

  2. I’d be surprised if huntley isn’t starting somewhere next year. kid is a baller

  3. Ravens my Son Zachary’s team and his family…bless you all💜

  4. The Bengals despite having injuries again to the offensive line , managed to pull out a win. The Bengals defense came up again with crucial recoveries on Sunday night. They have been a thorn in the side of the Ravens yet again. WHO DEY!!

  5. Ohio State players everywhere

  6. Yo, that kid Huntley is maddd nice. Lookin like Lamar 2.0

  7. One of the best 7 year old football players in the country!

  8. if only the ball got tipped a little higher soooo close

  9. Bengals playoff wins before Burrow: 5
    Bengals playoff wins with Burrow: 4

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