Baldur’s Gate 3 – Announcement Teaser – UNCUT

Developed by the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Baldur’s Gate III is the official next adventure in the venerable Baldur’s Gate series. The teaser trailer shows a return of a malicious presence to Baldur’s Gate, intent on devouring it from the inside out, tainting everything that remains in the Forgotten Realms. The destiny of the Forgotten Realms lies in your hands.

Assemble your party:


  1. All about expectations. This won’t be as good as the originals but as long as it s enjoyable I’ll survive.

  2. I love BG and Larian, but I hope they don’t make this game as goofy as D:OG. BG should be a darker and more serious game.

  3. Samantha Cousland

    Omg, an illithid invasion?!?! Sssssccccaaaarrrrrry, can’t wait to play it!!!!


  5. Anything from Larian studios is a must have and I’m excited they are doing this series!

  6. Cthulhu simulator looking good

  7. accountwontlastlong1

    I’ve never played any of Larian’s games, but from what I’ve heard they’re a good choice for game… right? I love Baldur’s Gate, I hope they can deliver here.

  8. oldbittercraig

    ah, the studio of Bhaal has awoken. it is time for more… experiments.

  9. Wow. I’ve been wanting this for about 15 years now. Thank you Larian!

  10. Go for the eyes, Boo!

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