Bailey Zimmerman – Never Leave (Lyric Video)

Bailey Zimmerman – Never Leave (Lyric Video)

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Setting up himself as one of music’s most exhilarating new voices, Bailey Zimmerman strikes a sweet spot between undying American country, rafter-rattling arena rock, and genuine storytelling. It is why in just one year’s time, he’s already logged over 400 million international streams, notched two entries on the Billboard Hot 100, and instantly sold out his first headline tour. Growing up in the tiny town of Louisville, IL, Zimmerman embraced country music on long-haul truck rides with his father, and 80’s hair rock at home with his mother. By the time he hit high school, Zimmerman learned old-school American values of hard work and reliability through a gig at the local meat market and long hours on a union gas pipeline. At the same time, he found his natural musical prowess and got started to sing anytime there was a guitar close by. After a garage-recorded demo of his song “Never Comin’ Home” accumulated over a million plays overnight, he turned in his union card to satisfy a growing firmly request for new music. Zimmerman fueled his meteoric increase with anthemic singles which includes, “Fall In Love”, “Rock and A Hard Place”, and “Where It Ends”. Now, this young artist with the rasp of an experienced rocker and the heart of a sensitive songwriter has arrived at the cusp of superstardom as he readies his upcoming debut for Warner Music Nashville/Elektra Records.

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  1. bailey has my heart atp.

  2. You are going to be a huge country artist! Truly talented!

  3. Omg amazing

  4. You are the best sighted ever

  5. Your a fucking legend bro keep up the good work

  6. Baily got us again 🙌

  7. Every song he makes is so good

  8. To: Distorted M.,
    I’m Private Property
    “NO” Trespassing Here
    “NO” Soliciting Here
    Keep Out Sadist

  9. Hey Bailey you are going places and I really enjoy your music and so do others so please put out more amazing your very inspirational thanks so much!!!😁😁🇺🇸

  10. I love this you hsve good music bro

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