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Snapchat, alondradessy.

see you babes in my next bideeeeo


  1. Go to Mexico

  2. My dude got eyebrows under his nose.

  3. Pls stop 🙁 you’re still beautiful

  4. Is body sculpting not an option? Maybe it can help with the hips?

  5. The best place to buy cleaning supplies is dollar tree

  6. Narcissistic much?

  7. Go to winter from bgc shows doc. She was botched and then went to a doctor (@drjungmoney on instagram) and her results are bomb compared to the Doritos butt she had.
    He’s in Texas too.

  8. She’s pretty 🤍 but I hate how females care about there looks so mf muchhh but I kinda understand cuz she paid a lot of money but still 😳

  9. Get rid of that makeup. Makes you look ugly

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