Backstage beef! Sean O’Malley challenged by Henry Cejudo after Munhoz fight | UFC 276 Interview

BT Sport’s Caroline Pearce talks to “Suga” Sean O’Malley after his no-decision outcome against Pedro Munhoz because of an unintentional eye poke at UFC 276!

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  1. O’Malley is definitely no BMF lol. 🦄

  2. This was a cheap opportunity for Henry and he took it. Sean still trying to process what happened and the triple chump comes right at him. Laugh was the only reasonable response. I’m here for that circus of a matchup!!

  3. Escaping the rat race

    The guys a massive narcissist and can’t handle the fact his plan backfired and now the limelight’s on everyone else

  4. Someone play ‘The Office’ music over this confrontation

  5. Should’ve pulled a masvidal lol

  6. What a walking barrel Cejudo is 😂😂😂💀

  7. george jopanos

    That was so akward wtf was that…

  8. george jopanos

    This deserved beef

  9. Nobody wants to see cringlord cejudo fight anymore lol

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