Back at the Legion of Doom

In the meantime, back at the Legion of Doom, they be talkin nonsensical! What?! In this economy?!

In addition to billybob7712 who i met in a random tf2 game and requested to be put in the video clip, this is the greatest you are going to get. i hope the doctors were able to remove that thing you shoved up there it sounded truly bad!


  1. Kanye is my favorite antagonist

  2. Didn’t realize that Riddler was secretly Firestorm becuase FUCK what a burn!

  3. Going outta your own way to kick a random puppy is the difference between being a supervilliain and just being a general dick.

  4. Kanye was too much for the LoD 😂😂😂

  5. What does he say?

  6. KANYE?!?!?

  7. Sauron from Marvel comics can cure cancer, but actively uses the technology to turn people into dinosaurs.

    But I bet, inadvertently, he’s cured cancer patients of their cancer by turning them into dinosaurs.

  8. It’s “Ye”. Don’t deadname him.

  9. You have my like for putting kanye in the legion of doom. A great addition.

  10. Screw the fish!

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