Bachelor Roses & Rose LIVE Finale Part 2 RECAP: Does Colton Get Engaged?! Plus The New Bachelorette

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  1. Lauren: I mean they would’ve finished filming some time in the winter.

    Me: It’s still Winter, Lauren! It won’t be Spring for another week! 🤣❤️❤️❤️

  2. I ship Caelynn & Blake.

  3. I’m glad Colton stuck with his beliefs and followed his heart…persistent prevails when it comes from the heart. It was so obvious how strongly he believed in their relationship and his love for her. Giving her space and time to think things over was a plus, along with knowing he left with no one and wanted only her. What I liked the best of this season was the fact there was “NO” proposal. To me reality is you need to get to know each other so much more and experience life together before getting down on the knee. I hope this ending encourages more of the couples to do the same. I know people are going to say that is the way the show goes, but seriously folks thats why so many people that are not followers due to the fact that it is a little ridiculous to think and believe that this action of proposal should be taken place…just saying!

  4. He is the smartest bachelor ever…ever…ever

  5. Hey… who cares?

  6. I’m glad Colton set boundaries around the virginity questions. Who tf actually cares about that or a proposal when there’s already a full, dramatic, true love story unfolding? I don’t need any closure on when someone’s genital touch another persons; that’s so boring compared to a man rejecting the structure in which he found love to let it grow naturally. It’s what I wanted for him since the beginning 💜

  7. I can’t wait for the upcoming bachelorette season. Hannah B, even though she started out as a villain, she did turn it around and that video of the call for the bachelorette was very genuine. I will say for Colton and Cassie, I was honestly shocked and confused. Had no idea how to react to the whole thing.

  8. I love that Cassie listened to her gut and that Colton risked it all to let her feelings develop naturally. Their connection on that stage was so much more real than any of those rushed, pressured proposals. Anyone who resents them for doing it their own way *does not* understand love. It’s not math, it doesn’t meet deadlines, it doesn’t care about your shooting dates. Good for them 💜

  9. I love Cassie, but for a Speech Pathologist, that girl can’t put a cohesive sentence together. What’s with that?

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