BABY #2 NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SURPRISE*

ITS TIIIIIIIIM GUYS!!!!!! I love you ALLLLLLLLL and thank you for the support ?❤️????

Thank you for viewing! Positive vibes only people, Thank you all for being so terrific.

Thank you people for loving me as I am! Means more to me than you will ever notice


  1. ITS TIIIIIIIIM GUYS!!!!!! If you’re ready for this journey all over again with baby #2 give this video a thumbs up! I love you ALLLLLLLLL and thank you for the support ?❤️????

  2. Omg he eat so much food I literally have to bribe my one year old to eat

  3. Preciousgem Stylez

    Wick such a handsome little boy, and he look just like you..

  4. She Really Loves Him ? He’s so Handsome ? I Can’t Wait For This Next One ???????

  5. Preciousgem Stylez

    That baby loves his mama, he definitely said ” I love you too”. He such a happy lil man.

  6. Did you just say you love me too???yes he did swtie

  7. Best mom ever ??

  8. I’m so freaking happy for you! You have came so far in life and Guh you and wick are just amazing! You inspire me Domo I love you so freaking much ❤️❤️❤️?

  9. Those two babies are the best…. They automatically know how to take turnnssssss

  10. 5:58 bro that was so cute ? and domo’s reaction is sending me ??

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