BABY #2 NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SURPRISE*

ITS TIIIIIIIIM GUYS!!!!!! I love you ALLLLLLLLL and thank you for the support 😍❤️👶🏽👶🏽

Thank you for viewing! Positive vibes only people, Thank you all for being so terrific.

Thank you people for loving me as I am! Means more to me than you will ever notice


  1. ITS TIIIIIIIIM GUYS!!!!!! If you’re ready for this journey all over again with baby #2 give this video a thumbs up! I love you ALLLLLLLLL and thank you for the support 😍❤️👶🏽👶🏽

  2. Omg he eat so much food I literally have to bribe my one year old to eat

  3. Preciousgem Stylez

    Wick such a handsome little boy, and he look just like you..

  4. She Really Loves Him 😩 He’s so Handsome 😩 I Can’t Wait For This Next One 😍😍😍😍🤰🏽👣

  5. Preciousgem Stylez

    That baby loves his mama, he definitely said ” I love you too”. He such a happy lil man.

  6. Did you just say you love me too😍🥰😭yes he did swtie

  7. Best mom ever 💕💕

  8. I’m so freaking happy for you! You have came so far in life and Guh you and wick are just amazing! You inspire me Domo I love you so freaking much ❤️❤️❤️😩

  9. Those two babies are the best…. They automatically know how to take turnnssssss

  10. 5:58 bro that was so cute 🥺 and domo’s reaction is sending me 😂😂

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