Howdy babygirls! Thank you so much for viewing, supporting, and being apart of our lifes❤️ I LOVE YOU!!! 🥲❤️



  1. My baby girls name is (Mia Kireii ) Mia is super common but Kireii means beautiful. Together is my beautiful I loved it 😍 & my baby loves it too.

  2. Love her name it’s cute 🥰 I still remember when Les was live and she was upset that her mom didn’t give her a middle name. She was like “why not it’s free”

  3. Toca Boca Stories (Ariana)

    That’s my daughter name she’s now 12 years old 🥰

  4. Mariah Ramirez-Maciel

    Omg I Love Her Name Les😍😍 & I Agree It’s A Girl Thing Getting Attached To A Name 😅 When I Picked My Babygirl’s Name When I First Found Out I Was Having A Girl I Fell In Love With It😊 I Ended Up Naming Her Carly💜 But Lowkey Almost Wanted It With A K & Spelled Karlee 🤭

  5. Damarisss Herrada_01

    Omgg soo cute 😭😍 I got her first name right just missed the last letter and got her middle name but I spelled it with an y 🥺 can’t wait for her arrival may god bless you through the rest of your pregnancy love you 💕

  6. So cute 🥰 for my daughter I picked the fist name and my bf picked the middle name 💖

  7. Won’t she have a nursery?

  8. I guess it both names just spelled it differently

  9. Glad you ain’t stuck up and not tell us!!!

  10. I guessed her middle name right 🥰

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