Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE

Thor has an Alternate HISHE for Avengers Endgame!
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While making How Endgame Should Have Ended we wrote way too many scenes to finish without any forcing you to wait even longer. So we broke the skits into two episodes since this sketch felt more like a stand alone episode. The thought was once time travel was presented you could dodge all the complications of returning the stones if you just dispatched the guy with the one weapon that can best the gauntlet back to the grove and eradicate Thanos before he ruins the stones in the very first place. Equivalent to the way they did the very first time just do it sooner. This constructs a much less complicated path to return the stones to any location they want and does not mess with everybody’s timeline… except perhaps Starlord…. but this is all his fault anyway so … i mean they could always go take hold of Gamora out of the past since Nebula is permitted to shoot her past self and there are zero repercussions. They essentially have the contraptions to save anybody they feel after Endgame which we show in our first episode. Anyway, hope you take pleasure in. Thanks for viewing you cute viewer you!

Additional Background Artwork By – Otis Frampton

How Shazam!


  1. Thor from mib

  2. Thor: *chops off Thanos’s arm* Thanos: *disappears* ” Reality is often disappointing”

  3. HISHE makes more marvel videos
    Me: Good, goooood

  4. X man the dark penix

  5. Anthony Ciavarella


  6. Anthony Ciavarella

    I mean yeet

  7. Let’s get this son of a *LANGUAGE*

  8. it took me a year to realise HISHE stood for How It Should Have Ended?

  9. Now its gonna be HISHE universe?


    I like this one

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