Avenged Sevenfold – Nobody (Official Video)

We are excited to proclaim our new album, Life Is But A Dream… available June 2, 2023. Watch our official stop-motion video clip for “No one” – directed by Chris Hopewell. Stop motion is a handmade labor of love, frequently taking an hour and a half just to capture only 2 seconds of footage. “Nobody” is streaming in all places now: https://a7x.lnk.to/nobody

The new album was written and filmed over the span of four years, and motivated by the writing and philosophy of Albert Camus. Our good friend and superior artist, Wes Lang, encapsulated our theme of existentialism through visible art for the album packaging. Pre-order now: https://a7x.lnk.to/libad.

Director: Chris Hopewell
Producers: Rosie Brind, Andrew Stewart
Director of Photography: Philip Powell
Animator: Jacky Howson
Gaffers: Chris Maris, Nick Pitt
DOP Assistant: Imogen Russell
Lighting Assistant: Joshua Stone
Art Director: Chris Hopewell
Puppet fabrication: Richard Heard
Head set builder: Siobhan Raw
Head prop Maker: Holly Jo Beck
Set and Props: Stuart Seydel, Jonathan Minto, Chloe Moore, Alice Nutley, Spike Hopewell, Tom Rogers, Gus Wallis, Chris Addison
Storyboard artist: James Harvey
Editor: Tom Weller
Compositors: Francine Breslin, Stephen Ryan
CGI artists: Bradley Nicholls, Sean Martin

New tour dates in LA & NYC this summer: https://www.avengedsevenfold.com/tour

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  2. i’ve missed you guys so much. welcome back! amazing song, as always <3

  3. whoever mixed this did an awful job….

  4. This one’s not doin it for me but hey, it’s their band not mine. Look forward to checking out the rest of the album

  5. I’ve never been so disappointed in my entire life

  6. 🔥🔥

  7. ❤️

  8. Finally, they’re back

  9. Is this another concept album?

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