Australia meet Samoa in Rugby League World Cup final | Cazoo RLWC2021 Match Highlights

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  1. Congrats to Australia far too strong. When they want to turn up no ones going to stop them. Well done to Samoa for making it to the final.

  2. ♒ID 0342 - TAP ME to havе seX wiтн *me*♒

    Congratulations to australia but my hat goes off to samoa for putting themselves on the map. They truly deserved to be in the final and rightfully so. Amazing hardwork, well done!

  3. *What’s up with a;l these fake comments?* 🤔

  4. Mitchel too strong + Aussies fitness & strategies.

  5. 🚨Cecil - G0 T0 MY Ch@nnel l-i-v-e N0W!🚨

    Congratulations Australia for winning the World Cup 3 X in a row and what an explosive performance by Toa Samoa in propelling themselves from a Tier 2 nation into the world cup grand final. A breath taking and envious performance by Toa Samoa

  6. Congratulations Australia

  7. Sykkuno : My wHoLe LiFe wAs a LiE!!!

  8. Imagine trying to scam people and then gaslighting them for not falling for it. =(

  9. I adore the fact that since Kratos broke that barrier for himself and realized a hand on the shoulder is a good way to show affection, he started doing it ALL THE TIME. It shows that Kratos has a lot of love to give and just didnt know how to convey it before. Really subtle but clever storytelling

  10. Ayesha siddiqa Jesmin

    I didn’t watch rugby before. Was just scrolling the trending and found this. It’s interesting to see Australia to shine in Football, Cricket and Rugby at the same time!

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