Attending a Pyramid Scheme seminar

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  1. Sadly…we all have (or will have) that one friend in these things???

  2. I remember I attended one and it pretty much went down like this

  3. This maybe the first pyramid scheme that works ??

  4. Dont forget the “$200 down with the return of $99 back when you get licensed.”

  5. *Yo Griffy’s juicy lips tho*

  6. If this guy has all his ?, then WHY does he have that wig on his head???

  7. RAM Real Estate Investing

    BUT WAIT! That $7,000 pays for itself! All you have to do is bring 7 of your friends and have them sign up today too.

  8. How my dads seminars looked like

  9. Trending ???

  10. NeedzNameChangeYo :v

    Is this a product placement too?

    Can I buy it

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