Attempting a Pokémon Nuzlocke vs 6 YouTubers

I turned Pokémon nuzlockes into a combative event alongside @jaidenanimations, @failboat, @yakirisu, @cjya, and @CaptainKiddYT!

Feel free to use the variation of Pokémon Emerald we used:

Our versions were based off of this one:

➤ me (drafted)


  1. The only thing I remember about emerald was how some special ed kid gave me it in elementary school, I didn’t know him or anything he just randomly gave me pokemon emerald

  2. Hey alpha, I know I’m irrelevant, but would you do a soul ink with me?

  3. 29:51 Bro why does Unknown ! Look like an otamatone from the back angle

  4. I still love how Jacob caught someone trash talking him in Kidd’s chat after he wiped to Drake and just kinda went

    “First of all, fuck you, secondly, banned, also ratio”

  5. As a Benjamin I now hate captain kidd

  6. To the guy who said he hates all Benjamins I would like to have your Benjamins cause I’m poor:) for clarity *badum tshh*

  7. Should’ve invited *him*

  8. Pokémon Challenges, “probably the best Nuzlocker in the world” should participate in the next one to put his money where his mouth is.

  9. a decade of pokemon and i have NEVER seen confusion self KO. what a sick moment.

  10. Jaiden: We are the most panicked ones.

    Failboat: Screaming internally and externally to chat.

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