Atomic Heart – Before You Buy

Atomic Heart (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is a first person shooter adventure in an alternate history world. How is it? Let’s talk.

Video by Jake Baldino



  1. Sounds like cope jake

  2. I was so excited for this but just can’t get into it 🙁 I’ve really really really tried

  3. We happy few and bioshock had a baby.

  4. I’m a russian guy and I’m obviously playing through this game in the original russian dub. I have to say, it’s a shame the translation into other languages wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but to be honest I’m not surprised. Russian is extremely difficult to translate into english without losing much of the nuance in the process. The way p-3 swears obnoxiously in english makes much more sense in russian since he’s a freaking KGB major and military men in Russia are prone to having a foul mouth, not to mention the swearing vocabulary in the Russian language is considerably wider and more expressive than in English, making it impossible to translate fully.

  5. To late for me I’m afraid lol

  6. The game looks beautiful

  7. I know I played about the first 40 minutes of the game and so far its fun it’s about as buggy as the bioshock games to be honest but the concepts and storylines are interesting and the artwork is good.

  8. the thing that kills it for me is the dialog, its very similar to forspoken where the protagonist is a consistent asshole to everyone, including a sentient object on his hand. Constantly complaining or griping every time the glove speaks even when the glove is being helpful, it just gets extremely old very quickly. Then the dialog itself is just….out there a lot of the time. That upgrade machine man, horrifying. Its definitely fun and looks incredible and has a lot going for it, I do plan to finish it but the dialog is hard to slog through

  9. Ugh…another mediocre double A game

  10. If u buy this game – u support ruzzian aggression and war. It doesn’t matter if this game good or bad. because main investors into this game are ruzzian government and gazprom. And your dollars will fund new rocket bombings and deaths of civilians!

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