ASMR | Soft Rambling & Face Touching

RAMBLY RAMBLES ON THE ROAAAAD!!! I am journeying (three diff towns this week) because my initiatives always line up back to back for some reason…. and I was in the MOOD the other day to video this so I DID and THERE IT IS. THATS IT. I wuv these sorts of video clips where the creator just films by the windowsill :’) The sun was justttt going down so this really gets hella dark by the end. Not tough luck for ASMR!! Hope you are all taking pleasure in your weeks. Airports are my new home. Not to tease yall but there is SO MUCH EXCITING NEWS about to be released I’m about to explode. Soon!!!!! SEE YOU LATA FRIENDS!

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  1. Ayyy were trending!!! Welcome to the ASMR community my friends

  2. Autistic fucking idiots

  3. I rlly like that finger fluttering

  4. What the fuck did i just walk into?

  5. Sand. Grape. Sand

    “It’s been a very busy month but it’s been surprisingly busy”

  6. The fuck is this

  7. “summer doesn’t exist when you’re an adult” well gibi let me fuckin tell you something. you’re absolutely fucking right.

  8. Love you Gibi your ASMR vids rule

  9. Raymond Humphrey

    Better up ur Loonytoon MEDs.. Ur in Bad Shape! WoW!! Sad.. ?…

  10. Wow. Going to be the last video I see tonight, but it’s trending so it’s the first.

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