ASMR | Intense Ear Attention – Sounds for Sleep | 60fps

Wooooo-eee! It is been some time since one of these! ^_^ For those of you who do not especially love roleplays…thank you for jutting it out x) This is some good old fashion deep extreme ear attention sounds!! We are going to get right on in there so buckle up, pop on some headphones, and enjoy!

Tell me what you think ^.^

0:00 – Soft Speaking Intro
2:00 – Ear Muff Brushing
9:05 – Ear Cupping
11:04 – Toaster Coaster Tapping
13:34 – Muffled Fabric & Stone Sounds
14:50 – Stone Sounds
15:33 – Toaster Coaster & Fabric Sounds
17:25 – Muffled Whispering & Ear Brushing

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  1. Awww yeah this is the real good sh…zzzzz ?✨

  2. sam septiceye12

    The mic is tilted and I’m mad

  3. Ichigo Uzumaki

    I have yet to comprehend tha reason behind ASMR?

  4. Penny for my thot

    No ads im shook???

  5. Gimme subscribers so I can be fAmoUs pLeAse

    Anyone else see her in the Reese ASMR commercial

  6. Mason Fjeldsted

    I was scrolling through trending and saw this.

  7. When ur parents ask what do you do for a living
    Oh I just make people feel weird it’s called ASMR it really weird but people like it

  8. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    i have to keep awake so i can sleep with the tingles ? make no sense but it sure feel good

  9. Pranav Sai Akula

    Gibi: “ASMR is relaxing”

    Me: Plays Old Town Road
    “Now that’s relaxing”

    Like If you Like Old Town Road

  10. Madison Knight

    I thought that stone thing was a backsplash tile sample. It’s a freaking eye mask ??

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