ASMR Eyes Closed Cranial Nerve Exam (Disorganized) 🌀💤

ASMR Eyes Closed Cranial Nerve Exam (Disorganized) 🌀💤

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  1. You win, my screen time says YouTube was 5hr 11min when I only remember the first 6 minutes of the video IF that

  2. Imagine you get curious halfway through and open your eyes, but you find that the girl at the beginning has been replaced by a monster with bulging eyes and rows of long, sharp teeth, staring straight at the camera, and talking in her voice “tell me if I’m whispering or speaking softly”

  3. My day was going terribly until Dr lulu said “hi cutie”

  4. What the heck is this? Nothing to do I guess… it’s YouTube, if you close your eyes you can’t see crap!
    Are you ok?

  5. Hello, Humans
    The sands of time carry tons of pain, but mental strength can wash such pain out of existence.


  6. Commeting before i fall asleep lol youre soooo pretty and i love your vids 💗💗 im always watching your old vids, youre one of my fave asmrtist 🥰🫶🏼

  7. Another Blooming Video is here to help us Thanks Luna!!! Love you

  8. I love the eyes closed videos!

  9. I don’t speak the language you spoke at 6m50 but i would love to hear more of it!! ♥️♥️

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