Ashton Kutcher Reveals How Adele Might Be Responsible for His Spiteful Mustache

Ashton Kutcher shares the tale of a bday party (perhaps) Adele threw that led to him growing a moustache, talks about how he became a top science investor and reflects on The Ranch’s history-making Netflix run.

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  1. he was always fascinated by robots what can u day now

  2. I love the stache jimbean

  3. He looks like Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds had a baby lol.

  4. He looks like that guy from Narcos :3

  5. How many times do you think he has cheated on Mila ??

  6. like Bulgarian …lol 😀

  7. He looks like a young Vincent Price lol

  8. But who are you spiting?

  9. Damn he’s handsome

  10. Oh shit he married the 70s show her, he was in it too, how come they didnt go for it back then?

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