As 2017 Dawns, Stephen Colbert Suffers A Mariah Moment

The new year is starting off great for every person except Mariah Carey, and our host.

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  1. Jason Allcreator

    the end of 2016 just shows how shitty 2017 will be and 2017 wont be fake
    shitty (where people online and TV pretend bad shit is happening) 2017 is
    going to be horrible FOR REAL. this just proves how shitty 2017 is and will
    stay. *2017 WORST YEAR EVER!*

  2. as much as I hate this sellout , I must confess he is funny

  3. Who is this idiot and why is he always trending even if he has no views? Is
    he some kind of YouTube asteroid?

  4. Tony tony slaughter

    colbert = leftist cuck

  5. love it ….

  6. Finally no Trump win sob stories

  7. Rodya Raskolnikov

    Why hasn’t this show been cancelled already ? How can somebody be dumb
    enough to watch this sh!t ? #MAGA

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