Ari Fletcher Talks About Going To Therapy, Cheating On Boyfriends And Girlfriends, Losing Deals, POF

She is the cofounder of the KYCHE Extensions hair company.

The interview commences with Ari Fletcher going in on Marco about his garments. Marco begins with laughter, asking Ari how she is feeling and Ari goes back in on Marco’s garments. Ari confesses to spending $10k on an outfit. Marco continues to pepper Ari with random questions and then stomps her with lying about some things she stated on-line. Ari in addition confesses that she went to therapy and will fight when she drinks. She in addition confessed to cheating on boyfriends and gfs. Marco begins speaking to production and Ari snaps at Marco. Marco continues to ask Ari questions; Ari stops the interview to have a beverage and Marco takes a beverage and things get furry. Marco persists with uncomfortable questions which includes if Ari is on Plenty Of Fish. Marco continues to pepper the questions as the production team disrupts the interview and asks Ari to show them how to boomerang. Marco asks Ari about music and she says no she already tried it. Ari goes back in on Marco’s garments and you know…

Executive Producers for Breakbeat: Dave Mays & Brett Jeffries IG @therealdavemays @igobybrettj

Executive Producers: Marco Summers & Harvey Sutton

Director: Matt Ables IG @mattablespromotions

Director of Photography: Militant Guerilla Productions

Filmed on location at 4U Recording, Atlanta

IG @BreakbeatMedia @FunnyMarco



  2. Yea this is one of my favorites I was literally smiling the whole interview. She really had Marco laughing…the chemistry was amazing ✨

  3. She done corrected him and saying ramen wrong herself 😂

  4. Talisha Danielle C. Middleton

    What kinda interview is this?

  5. I’m just waiting for moneybags to mess up..I’m going to slide in her dms real quick ya heard

  6. Love me some Ari 😂

  7. It’s the receipts for me 😂😂😂

  8. He said they 18’s 😂😂😂😂

  9. She look like caresha

  10. She fine AF

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