Are there Undiscovered Elements Beyond The Periodic Table?

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Adamantium, bolognium, dilithium. Element Zero, Kryptonite. Mythril, Netherite, Orichalcum, Unobtanium. We love the concept of fictional elements with miraculous properties that technology has yet to find. But is it truly achieveable that new elements exist beyond the periodic table?

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  1. I think there has to be one or more elements we don’t know yet that help with antigravity and traveling through another “dimension” or “phase” to reach other star systems.

  2. Look inside the large hadron collider then u will see the elements beyond the periodic table

  3. *Mendeleyev

  4. Has anyone counted the number of neutrons in neutron stars? Strong force is for baby Kardashev scale civilizations, we should go with gravity for new islands of stability, that is, if we want to be taken seriously by any respectable alien civilization.

  5. I believe that we need an international agreement that future discovered elements will get certain specific names from sci-fi, guaranteed. Particularly from Star Trek. But also, the others.

  6. to hold the atom in a steady state .. we need. centrifuges .. and my machines ….. ( its kinda like DUH a supernova makes more …. ) hi – – – the real JNHM was here

  7. End poverty. Make it happen. No excuses.

  8. 1:12 science is what it has always been .. the practical application of curiosity lol .. aka smack stuff into other stuff and record what happens

  9. 1:22 that being said given the forces involved in super and hyper novas and black hoes oh my and the number of time those things have occurred it would seem if there are stable elements that are heavier than what we currently know then they ar require conditions more extreme that the aforementioned crush and explosions to be crated or are created in such love volumes that even after so many events they are still undetected like in the tens of atoms per supernova …

  10. i was literally asking myself this question 2 days ago and now this video drops

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