Aptitude vs. Lynch vs. Carmella – Victor faces Asuka at Royal Rumble: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 8, 2019

The Man, The Queen and The Princess of Staten Island face-off in a titillating main event for the chance to challenge SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka at the Royal Rumble event.

#TripleThreat #SDLive

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  1. 0:16 Carmelledge made a career out of being an opportunist >:O

  2. why would mandy rose distrad jimmy uso if namoi is the wife of jimmy uso

  3. i wanted to becky lynch to win and she won i am so happy for her so she can have the champion of auska and win in royal roumble

  4. Aaronstaylitty. _

    Other ladies need an opportunity 2

  5. Maddy’s Universe

    Omg this is so fake ?

  6. Stephanie Esparza

    Carmella should have won

  7. This is so fake omg

  8. Becky is my girl I got to meet her in OKC.

  9. Metallic Twister

    welp flair gonna keep talking because becky didnt pin her… just glad its not her facing asuka, and its the man

  10. Watching this unironically is autism

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