Apple’s WWDC19 keynote in 12 minutes

Apple’s WWDC19 keynote presentation brought a new Mac Pro, as well as all the newest developments for iOS, MacOS Catalina, WatchOS, TVOS and the assertion of iPadOS. These are the largest announcements from the show, which includes a new Mac Pro and Pro Display, dark mode on iOS, Siri advancements and voice control.


  1. Can they bring something better ?

  2. 2:41 a box and cheese grater starting at only $6000!

  3. As a Apple fan it’s embarrassing and a joke that Apple are actually show casing dark mode… android has had it for a decade lol

  4. Apple: “when you type , you can swipe”
    Android users: Is this 2014?

  5. Saftrik Oyuncu

    Me: Screw apple

  6. Hoàng Bùi Huy

    i’m sure that the Apple marketing department’s keyboards only have numbers: ‘1’, ‘0’ and ‘9’

  7. That’s way overpriced

  8. Lol…

  9. Saftrik Oyuncu

    Apple: f*** you all hahaha ur so damn stupid…


  10. “iOS 13 is packed with new abilities” well given you shown that you can swipe type that shows that the rest will also be lame ?

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