Apple’s iPhone 14 Event: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

Intro – 0:00
iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max – 0:08
iPhone 14/Plus – 2:51
AirPods Pro 2 – 4:52
Apple Watch Ultra – 7:50
Apple Watch Series 8 – 9:20


  1. I m a youtuber
    Nise video

  2. I’m youtuber
    Nise video

  3. Anyone and I mean anyone who buys an iPhone 14 will instantly have the highest level of buyers remorse and even if they got it for free because it was a present or they won the phone,…….. The iPhone 15 is a deep secret 🤐 but I can tell anyone reading this that the 15 will be the difference of the back of the phone having a small display but not like this dumb size of a tiny, itsy bitsy notch. The notch will seem like a huge insult once seen next year in September what the massive change is going to be. Just that alone is going to make those people who still have the iPhone 6s finally grow a pair and buy the new iPhone 15. The Bionic this and the Bionic that doesn’t grab the attention of people unless you are at least 90% plus nerd certified. Anyway, DO NOT BUY this phone and save your money and just wait until the real deal comes to fruition. This would have already been out if Steve Jobs was at the throne but the guy who runs the show is too slow. That’s the guy who told Elon Musk to go pound sand when Elon personally called him and was willing to sell Tesla to Apple but mister weird nuts said yeah we’re going to take a pass on the Tesla “Opportunity”. 😂 🤣 Biggest mistake anyone has ever made in the world.

  4. It’s not perfect but hold on to it for iPhone 15 is coming soon so you suckers can fork out another grand or two to buy a very high-end calculator.

  5. Are they not able to delay release couple of years later to deliver ground breaking iPhone designs and features 🤔 am more interested in the iwatch ultra 🙂

  6. Dynamic Island? ROLF LMAO FML! LOL

  7. I’m so glad I got the 13 mini before they phased the minis out. Best size EVER !!!

  8. After Jobs, Apple has lost its innovation lustre. Missed the old days coz the new ones just can’t keep up.

  9. I hatr the fact that regular iphone 14 doesnt have dynamic island even after paying so much money .

  10. Samsung has everything this phone is trying to revolutionize

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