Apple Watch ULTRA Reaction…


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  2. I just wanted them to release an updated version of the ceramic edition.

  3. I noticed that baseball you were holding at the beginning… mighty inclusive of you..

  4. I bought a Garmin fenix sapphire. It’s awesome charging once a month, but that screen is gorgeous. Looks like they also finally found a standard face that looks half decent.

  5. Trending videos are bought out buy corporate interests, they fill your recommended along with the other ads, and are designed to exploit YOU. Stop consuming APPLES GARBAGE WATCH THAT IS THE SAME AS THE OTHER 6 THEY HAVE RELEASED. IS IT SO HARD TO TAKE YOUR PHONE OUT OF YOUR POCKET TO CHECK TIME AND LISTEN TO MUSIC.
    I have spent THOUSANDS of hours on this COMPROMISED website; A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF MY FORMATIVE YEARS I HAVE SPENT ON THIS WEBSITE. It is all purchased and you are the product.

  6. All the phone call features of it are pretty useless, who calls anyone any more?

  7. Titanium cost 6 dollars per gram don’t buy this watch go for the series 8 or 7 45 mm ofc

  8. Action Figure = GI JOE!

  9. So it’s smaller phone

  10. As someone who’s not an apple watch fan this was by far the most outstanding announcement from wwdc this year!

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