Apple just got REKT by… themselves – Powerbeats Pro Review

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The new 2nd gen Airpods were formidable, but Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro are even MORE formidable, particularly for active users. But are they good enough to make an impression non-athletes?

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  1. pretty sure 400 is not 50 more than 250

  2. I m happy with my ₹349 xiaomi earphones basic yeah its just $4.9

  3. Cargo Pants Team Assembllllllllllllllllle

  4. keeping that cargo pants alive.

  5. Testing that “ they don’t fall out”

    Go bungee jumping

  6. Can you recommend other wireless ear buds with hooks in different price ranges? I am quite disappointed in my Jlab Epic Air and want something better.

  7. What would you recommend for someone who does lawn care and wants to block the mower droning sounds

  8. This has become more of a social status at my school.

  9. Who else is watching this while wearing AirPods?

    Just me? Oh…

  10. Why you bully beats

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