Antoni Porowski Gets a Drag Makeover from Miz Cracker | Drag Me | them.

In this special version of Drag Me, Queer Eye’s food and champagne expert Antoni Porowski gets his first polished drag makeover right on time for Pride month from the ever-talented Miz Cracker, widely recognized from her uproarious appearance on season 10 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ The two talk about their coming out tales, being multi-lingual (Cracker speaks Wolof, hunny!), what pride means to them, and fighting social anxiousness for the sake of visibility.

You can check out Antoni on Queer Eye now streaming on Netflix and soon you can pick up Antoni’s cookbook ‘Antoni in the Kitchen’ which is out September 9.

Special thanks go out to celebrity designer Christian Cowan.

Director/Supervising Producer: Christopher Klimovski
Editor: Daniel Poler
DP: Cole Evelev
Cam Op / Audio: Zach Eisen
Cam Op: Josh Herzog
Stylist: Jillian Papa
PA: Kat Scott

Antoni Porowski Gets a Drag Makeover from Miz Cracker | Drag Me | them.


  1. Surely all 5 of the fab 5 get a makeover and make a Haus

  2. I love Pride month because I always feel really excepted and loved

  3. This conversation is so real and beautiful.


    He looks like Mary McCarmic off of In plane sight

  5. that’s embarrassing

  6. i love this SO MUCH and i can’t wait to see kid cudi on here!!!!

  7. …… wtf

  8. G Wind Star River

    This is so wonderful! I love their conversation, too!! ??️❤️???????

  9. He really took on the challenge. Eva is hot!


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