Anthony Joshua talks about his shocking conquer to Andy Ruiz Jr | Full Post Fight Press Conference


  1. Much respect

  2. this is the talk of a true fighter, He is a proper man like Mohammad Ali.

  3. its not a shock ruiz won hes trained by an elite trainer and he comes forward and counter punches he was very close against parker dont let his build fool you

  4. MrFridaynightclub

    This fight frustrated the shit outta me. When he saw it was going south, why oh why did he not just go back to basics and stay behind his jab? Give himself a round to recoup and fight on his terms? Ok, maybe he wanted to put a show on and blast him away but he’d just seen how much power this man has so stay outside and out of reach. It may not of been the most exciting fight, but he would still be holding the belts and would of dodged “the banana skin” he knew full well this had the potential to be.

    Christ, Klitchko made a career of fighting like that!

  5. These two boxers are exactly what boxing needed, you could not of asked for two better boxers with nothing but respect for each other and the Sport, with that attititude you can stay in the US for as long as you want, nothing but praise for the ex Champ who is still a ? in everyone books and congrats to the new Champ ? nothing but respect for both they earned their Checks and some, pay these men their ?.

  6. Properly humble. Respect.

  7. Respect Anthony with how you dealt with this loss i know its not easy but also realise that Andy Ruizes fighting style is your weakness and every boxer has theyre weaknesses, even Iron Mike and Ali…

  8. These plp fixed the match

  9. Khin James Pahang

    That’s why I love Joshua as a boxer ..he is very humble

  10. I dont trust the Mexican mafians

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