Anthony Joshua opposes Oleksandr Usyk after overcome & throws belts out of the ring


  1. Out of an episode of the Office lol

  2. Andy Ruiz would destroy Usyk… ez

  3. Ithink AJ won the fight by 115-113 unanimous.

  4. Atleast he was still able to gave Usyk a compliment in the midst of all that “ I don’t care about strong I care about skill your not strong how did you beat me? Skills.”

  5. The blacks get artificially hyped up by the media, who have an anti-White pro-black narrative to push.

    Then they become sore losers when they realize their inferiority to White men.

  6. What an embarrassment!

  7. I was cheering for AJ, but this fight clearly won by Usyk. It was a great fight from both ends, but what AJ did after the fight was shocking, and embarrassing 🙏🏼

  8. Aj is simply not good enough he mentioned Tyson and dempsey he’s name should never be in same sentence just a sore loser who simply isn’t good enough

  9. that one hispanic

    AJ wasn’t the same after the hit to the head by Ruiz

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