Anthony Joshua makes fervent lecture & vents frustrations after Usyk overcome


  1. It was will smith now it’s Joshua, what is going on man

  2. This was painful to watch.

  3. so sick of hearing about Ukraine, most overrated country ever

  4. Aj is going to wwe after this speech 😅

  5. He’s a brasser, game over aj

  6. aj not good boxer. retire and give me all your money

  7. Lmfao what a clown AJ is

  8. EMBARRASSING! The energy and aggression he had at the end would have been better spent in the ring!!

  9. To all the people writing negative comments about AJ, you know that hitting someone who is already on the ground (and AJ clearly was) is the least gentleman thing you can do, right? I am sure he realized that he made a mistake straight away. I scrolled through several dozens of top comments and didn’t see a single positive one, you should be ashamed of yourself people.

  10. What a bellend! What on earth was this? This will haunt him forever.

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