Anthony Joshua breaks into tears after Usyk conquer | Post-Fight Press Conference


  1. Anthony: did you mean all those good things you said about me?
    Eddie: No, I was just buying you time so you could stop crying.

  2. He simply wasn’t good enough, never was. Career over.

  3. The Gold Coast Vibe

    AJ what a humble blessed man.

  4. Where do cats write notes?

    Scratch Paper!

  5. An don’t have the raw confidence if he went in like a killer he’d blown him away !!!hes to nice and thinks to much but so much better than fury who is a joke compared to Theese guys

  6. That man who speaks for him made him like a baby.

  7. I really appreciate n sympathize with you ❤….you are already a LEGEND 🙌 👏…….but yu must understand this!!! pls avoid PRESIDENT BUHARI next time!!! he’s a FAILURE PERSONIFIED,!!! the day yu greeted/prostate before him, it get attached to you…….avoid dt man 👨 ( BUHARI)

  8. 😂🤣🤣🤣

  9. Eddie your boy lost 😂

  10. Andy Ruiz was suppose to be his easy fight

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