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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s most recent trailer is here, and we have our first clear look at the new big bad of the MCU’s multiverse saga, Kang the Conqueror!

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I think that Scott Lang is gonna die in this movie. I’ll explain why a little later, and also this trailer seems to confirm some theories weve had about how Kang connects to shang chi, the eternal, and ms marvel. It is all connected. So let’s break this thing down.

[trailer opening]. Right off the bat, this is a much darker trailer than what we’re used to seeing in ant man movies. We have the foreboding music, the shot at sunset, as if to say that the sun is setting on score’s time as ant man. Reminds me a lot of the first trailer for Age of Ultron [clip].

The shot is of San Francisco, of course where Ant Man 1 and 2 took place, but also the setting of Shang Chi’s opening. That movie was directed by destin daniel cretton, who is now going to helm Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. This is a lot like the Russo brothers, who directed two Captain America films that shaped the final two Avengers films, INfinity war and Secret wars. So Ithink Cretton was chosen because Shang Chi did a lot of the groundwork to set up the Kang Dynasty. Maybe the people of Ta Lo are from alternate timelines, or the quantum realm.

Then we have the mystery of the rings origin and the beacon they send out at the end of the movie, which this trailer gives us a major hint about.

Doug: What is it?

Just be patient, I’m getting there. So we see shots of Scott’s life going well for him. In the last trailer we saw that he was given a plaque at the baskin robbins where he was fired [they always find out]. And they even retired his uniform, incorrect name tag and all. Ms marvel mentioned his successful podcast [clip]. And even wakanda forever had a bit on the news ticker about his best selling book, big me little me,

So Scott is very much taking advantage of his fame, but he still pines for his rosebud, the time he missed in the quantum realm.

Kang narrates [you’re an avenger]. And the D23 footage included a line that has not been in a trailer, where Kang adds “have I killed you before?” which means that kang has killed many versions of the avengers across many realities.

But he likely has not encountered a scott lang before. And maybe this is why he realizes that Scott is the key to getting what he needs. And to emphasize this, the first shots of Scott as any man show him being really adept at using his powers–he breaks his fall by becoming a giant man. He’s the best he’s ever been at being a hero, and a far cry from this [anyone have any orange slices].

Then we see that, despite his fame and success, Scott really just wants back the time with his daughter. The image of Cassie on his phone is still her as a little girl. And now,in the present day, she’s getting arrested. She has always taken after her dad. And since her dad was locked up in jail, it makes sense that she would follow suit. Except she was probably arrested at a protest of something, judging by her shirt which is anti-global warming.

The shot of Cassie in prison is intercut with Scott walking toward the camera with the pyms. Cleev framing, because cassie was all alone, while scott was off doing superhero stuff. And this ias kag narrates [but you’ve lost a lot of time]

Doug: yeah what does kang mean by that, lost time?

Well, first let me explain who Kang is in the comics, because that will help you to understand who he is in this movie.


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    • Hey do you think Marvel would somehow justify recasting Scott’s daughter as an event from some other universe?

    • @Kung Fu Panda Fanboy How dare you sir

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    • It’s only available in the US

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  2. what comics does he recommend to read?

  3. marvel has definitely clenched up while watching a few of this guy’s videos

  4. Why do u think his eyes are not blue all the time?

  5. He’s the only funny one

  6. Chronopolis looks like the inside of a watch…hmmm…

  7. Screen Crush >>> New Rockstar

  8. I doubt Scott dies

  9. there was a great fantastic four comic where all 4 forms of Kang meet up (I guess a smaller version of the counsel of kang) where they discussed how they killed a certain era’s Fantastic Four. each one trying to outdo the other’s feet. we even meet an even further future version who well wont spoil the twist but supposively killed the current version of the fantastic four in a way that they thought was too evil

  10. Opening shot is the sun rising because it is in the direction of Oakland.

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