Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – Cosmonaut Quickie

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  1. Aggressively mid

  2. Phases of the MCU are structured in the same way all stories are: Phase 1 & 4: Exposition and inciting incident. Phase 2 & 5: Rising action to climax. Phase 3 & 6: Falling action, moment of final suspense, and resolution. It doesn’t help that Chapek admitted to doing quantity over quality, which took away from the quality, or that the pandemic messed with their release schedule and now they have to rework it after the quantity releases. Removing pandemic masks doesn’t mean Hollywood is done feeling its effects. With Iger back, the quantity issue is slowly changing again back. Does that mean everything will be liked? No. Phase 1 has just as many duds as 4 and Phase 2, has just as many as I imagine Phase 5 will (less than 1, but not as many as 3), but they had duds, also. Phase 3 and 6 will, I imagine get better. I’d, personally still watch any MCU film over any Marvel movie before 2008. I go back to reviews of when all movies praised today first come out. The Amazing Spiderman franchise comes to mind as being considered crap…then NWH shows the opinions of the Amazing Spiderman franchise changed. This happens with a lot of pop culture, so a lot of times I don’t give much thought to what people say when movies and TV Shows first come out. Individuals and their own opinions should matter to themselves most. At best other opinions don’t matter to me until years after something is released.

  3. SMToon Entertainment

    *Out of all of the Ant-Man movies, this was certainly one of them.*

  4. marcus i gotta be honest, i’m someone who saw every pre-infinity-war MCU movie in theaters (except for thor 1 and 2) and ever since infinity war i dont think i’ve seen a single marvel movie. they just do not interest me lately.

  5. I thought the scene in Kang’s throne room between Knag and Janet was going to be the moment that Kang explained his motives but he instead just explained the plot to Loki smh so as a layman, I was very underwhelmed.

  6. Kang is a cool character and the actor is good. It’s a shame marvel movies are so corny and bad that it goes to waste.

  7. this movie was awesome stop hatin

  8. dont let them full you this movie is a great movie 9/10

  9. Also they all got sucked in without wearing the suit…. wasn’t it established that the suit were necessary cuz it can cause damage to organic matter…..hmmm 🤔!!!

  10. I was going to skip past the sponsored section, but I had to watch the few seconds with the cat.

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