Ansu Fati rescues Barca! CF Intercity vs. FC Barcelona | Copa Del Rey Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona need a time beyond regulation victor from youngster Ansu Fati to get past lowly CF Intercity 4-3 to advance to the next round of the Copa del Rey.


  1. I love barca but if i was xavi i’d be yelling from the beginning to the end of that match. So many chances missed by simply not passing the ball early enough and of course finishing is a huge issue 😓

  2. On paper, Real Madrid fans make fun of Barça. But the game itself was very good. You can’t take away any credit from the other team. Their keeper made incredible saves, and the team almost scored every chance they had. In the other hand, Barça created more chances but their finishing is just extremely unlucky. Im pretty sure it would have been different with Lewa on there.

  3. Time for Ferran Torres to find a new profession

  4. Barca needs Ronaldo Barca doesn’t have that protagonist like Messi 😂

  5. Terrible game, but what a pass from Fati.

  6. Disappointing win

  7. Lucky Barcelona again! Why are they so lucky???

  8. Soldevilla scored a perfect hat-trick and this guy was in la masia before

  9. Percy Calahorrano

    Not even sure why Busquets is even in the field anymore. The defense is just terrible.

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