Angela Bassett Reacts To Losing Oscar To Jamie Lee Curtis

Graeme O’Neil shares his thoughts on Angela Bassett’s ravaged reaction to losing the Best Supporting Actress Oscar to Jamie Lee Curtis at the 2023 Academy Awards.


  1. What in the world is all this love for Angela in Wakanda Forever??? She was fine, but it was by no means Oscar-worthy, and it is far from the best performance of the year. Stephanie Hsu actually deserved the win over both Jamie and Angela, but Jamie got it as sort of “lifetime” honor (as has happened before to other veteran actors.)
    I think the actors in and the fans of the MCU live in this bubble where they think just because a movie in their franchise isn’t terrible and the acting is sufficient that it’s Oscar-worthy. Angela Bassett was just as good in Wakanda Forever as Anthony Hopkins was in Thor and nowhere near as good as Patrick Stewart was in Logan. But she’s the only one to get a nomination. This “she was robbed” shit is dumb. She deserved the Oscar when she played Tina, but not for this.

  2. Thank you for not expecting a Black woman to hide her emotions!!! So many times we are not allowed to express how we feel verbally or visually without receiving criticism. That makes it so hard for us and to see that someone isn’t doing that is amazing!!!

  3. What a horrible person. To not even clap for a fellow nominee is pathetic. Jamie Lee is a veteran actress too. Sore loser. Glad you lost.

  4. I agree with you 100% she was robbed again! What a queen!

  5. I’m so happy Jamie won!!!!!!!! Take that you woke agenda 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Angela is a horrible actor

  7. Jamie’s performance was the weakest one on that list. Any one but her would have been a better choice. I was personally on team Condon or Chau. But Bassett or Hsu too would have been better choices. Hate this career recognition thing in a competitive category.

  8. Cheers to JLC she’s iconic in the industry
    It’s hard to give best actress for a freaking comic book movie. Jamie Lee was outstanding in her movie why can’t we just give credit for her?

  9. I just clicked on this real quick to say no one cares

  10. If your home decor taste involves a naked underage boy in a small tub, you’ll win every single time…..hail Balenciaga she says !!!

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