Android vs iPhone – Which is ACTUALLY Better? (ft MKBHD)

Android vs iPhone in 2022 – Who’s doing it better? Unmistakably a contentious subject matter, but hope you find this helpful! Hats off to @Marques Brownlee for leaping in at close to midnight after an already gigantic day! 🙏

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  1. Controversial Topic I know, what’s your take? 😂
    To check out my Best Phones of 2022:

  2. The worst video of yours… This video doesn’t make sense.


    Hey MKBHD , Is that a paid review from Apple.. I feel so. Actually your last year’s best smartphone award goes to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra..

  4. I noticed that both of you were very biased towards the iPhone, despite the quality, specifications and the best price in Android

  5. Cortaba is not available 🙁

  6. Better battery is Android ..better display Android and Processing is mediatek dimansity 9000 is coming that is better than i think mkbhd has a tieup with apple

  7. Marques gives all points to iPhone. But in his annual phone awards iPhone has not come as the best phone yet..

  8. 2.5 / 7.5 looks biased to me .Apple is better, but never to this margin.👎 It seems like they are trying to convey to whole world to buy only iphone .

  9. I personally don’t feel this a fair comparison. I couldn’t see this as one to one race. There are much broad carieties in android where as the iPhone is concentrated. Bring out an healthy head to head fight..

  10. As always Android is ❤️
    iPhone is showoff

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