An Updated HOUSE TOUR… The Completely Redesigned Final Layout!!

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0:00 – chapter 2
2:00 – week of windows
4:22 – a quick message
7:37 – the door of all doors
19:16 – weekly teacap baby

If you are perusing this remark “the rhinestone hat healed her”



    so I looked up on Reddit why is my cat peeing in the toilet and it said “she wants to become you.” there’s that. happy weekend lol

  2. God bless the chicken coop breakdown footage.

  3. My dad and I are general contractors and we act like this too 😂 So glad to see others have fun on the job!! (Also the house is looking amazing!!)

  4. *But it’s March* love the energy 😁

  5. Ha ha Morgan, Cookie is just getting you back for pooping in her litter box when your toilet was broken 🤣🤗😜

  6. Morgan, you are a glowing healthy girl boss

  7. Morgan!!!! I can’t wait to meet your chickadees! first thing I got when I started restoring my 1889 house was a tin sign that said “Mother Clucker” to be a Chicken Momma too.

    I grew up in a contractor/electrician/HVAC family. I am so glad the universe brought Brian and his construction family to you.

    Cookie peeing in the toilet to earn her keep lol lol

  8. Let me guess you’re a believer of climate change and you’re pushing zero-emissions? … But let’s crank the heater up to 80. Hypocrite. Typical politically correct leftist. Nothing politically correct is correct. Hypocrisy is not correct. It’s just like you guys with your planesjets, boatsyachts, multiple house’s etc raises your carbon footprint but you want everyone else who isn’t Rich who can afford all these green energy bullshit to go without gas, oil “fossil fuels”… I don’t even know what you guys think you’re doing because literally everything we use is made and created using fossil fuels. All your designer shit will not be able to be made without it. All your plastic bottles of makeup and beauty products and the ingredients themselves.. everything.. gone. Democrats leftist all say they hate the establishment but they are the establishment and you support them. Again hypocrites.

  9. OKAY, so. MEGAN THIS IS IMPORTANT: 1) since you’re doing a wet room in your bathroom, you should TOTALLY turn it into a sauna wet room. Like, build it so you can literally turn it into a sauna whenever you feel like it. And 2) for your entertainment room, I’m thinking maybe you should have a movie theater style room (unless you’re already doing that in your barn. I don’t remember if you said that you are or not) with a pool table (or something else if you’re not into pool) and a little snack and drink station. ((: Anyways, I’m super glad that shits been working out for you, man. I really do. Wish I could say the same but oH WELL. Life is life I guess lmao. 😂❤

  10. I am so excited to see this house completely finished. 🏡 I’ve been here since the beginning and it is such a beautiful thing to watch Morgan get everything she deserves and more! 🤍 I can’t explain how happy it makes me to see that she also has a very supportive contractor team 🤭🥹 Love this for you Morgan! ❤️

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