An Update On Dianna’s Health

We just desired to give you an update on Dianna’s wellness, since she’s been ailing for a while and might not be returning for longer than we formerly thought.

Her technology video clips are postponed until she can make a full restoration. We truly appreciate everybody’s support here on her channel. We know Dianna wishes she might well be here making video clips and merrily physicsing, but currently she needs to remain in bed and away from work until she makes a full recuperation.

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Music provided by APM

Host: Simone Giertz
Editor/Videographer: Levi Butner


  1. Only the blood of Jesus can save her! HE CAN HEAL HER!

    Please pray for her! Jesus has more control and power than any human doctors can do 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Terry Bollinger

    Get well soon, Diana.

  3. Dianna, sending lots of ❤.

    • For the love of freedom

      Pfizer will enlarge those arteries as big and it needs to be to accept all our incoming love and support 💙🧡❤🖤♥️

  4. I don’t know any of you, but I wish you, Simone, Kyle, and especially Dianna, the best. Hugs ❤

  5. I pray things don’t get a bit too safe and effective for her.

  6. Andrew Norcross

    Something screams scam to me.

  7. Divinely Blessed

    If her oxygen to blood levels are low, drink lots of water.

  8. Armando Florencio (Raw Displays)


  9. Crypto Cryptone

    Thanks goodness I thought this video is a funeral.

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