An Honest Review of The Sims 4: High School Years

Let us discuss the most up-to-date expansion pack for The Sims 4!


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  1. I’ll be live answering questions and showing off some more of my early access footage on Twitch today!

    • Saw the livestream. Shocked by how gross many clothes look, some male clothes do not have swatches WTF and there are even an embarrassing pair of glasses and a 1 swatch necklace…hope they’ll update that SOON.
      As for curved walls. That’s GREAT, but, can’t we have round pools too? I mean, was that difficult?? 🤔
      Also, can’t wait to see cc windows and doors being TOTALLY BROKEN after this pack because of “curves”…🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Elizabeth Marie

      I love you and your content

    • Hey Kayla sorry to bother but there are some “Write me on Telegram” scammers who pretend to be you here in the comments. 😬

    • Hey it’s realistic regardless to get yelled at for no reason by a strict teacher/principle. I been yelled at for having a deformity and a bigger need for bathroom breaks than most kids. I got to the point where I pissed my pants in middle school and only felt embarrassed and annoyed it happened not even caring that others laughed. You’d think the grown ups in real life were actually grown up but no they still are children.

    • You never blink

  2. You know that cemetery up the road?

    People are dying to get in there.

  3. BySarahAlexander

    I am very excited for this pack, but I am also very excited for all the mods people will make for it. 😀

  4. Omg you’re on the YouTube trending page right now, Kayla!!!

  5. For those planning on getting the pack and rebuilding the high school, here are some rooms from the top of my head to add if you want ideas: computer lab, theater for drama club, pool, science room, nurses office, art room, library, music room, janitors closet (incase sims want a quiet place to you know), principal office, morning announcement and secretary room, secret club room behind a book shelf where occult sims hang out without disguises like that one Halloween town movie, faculty office, a gym (though you can change the auditorium lot to be the gym so career day, prom, and graduation happens there instead), if you have City Living then add a spray paint wall, and that’s all I can think of for now 🙂

  6. I already pre-ordered the pack. But to be honest with you I haven’t even played with the packs that I got. University is one of them. most likely this school will join the group. And I will just visit every once in awhile. That’s just me. My sim never grows old and never dies. So I play forever. 😊

  7. Tina run Molly sounds toxic af 😂

  8. Yeah, they should have included more extra activities like art, crafts, music, journalists, supernatural events. That could have made the patch more interesting, imagine art competitions, parade with crafted cars, newspaper with all the gossips in highschool and class president campaign would have been nice to.

  9. i love that the app is called Social Bunny, such a fun easter egg and callback to TS2!

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