America’s Last Affordable Housing Is Under Threat

Across the US, corporate customers are buying mobile home parks and driving up rents for those on the brim of being homeless. VICE News went to Fresno, California, where one such company is trying to purchase a park called Trails End, and residents dread the worst.

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  1. that man is hateful of low income people, and is shielded by the courts and money. it is a wicked society that seeks to hide their needy, and sweep them away…. rather than help them.

  2. That fire seems suspicious. All of a sudden they are coming in rebuilding smh

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    That community cost that company lots of money in legal fees. Just cause you have the right to sue for any reason doesnt mean its a good idea. That company needs to increase its price to pay for the legal fees. Also increase the the price to cover any future legal fees. Or find any reason to evict and put a new tenant.

  4. Gregory Hill 5099

    I smell something …. yea … I smell a SCAM … that guy in charge of the sale , I bet , is making a Very nice Bonus from the organization that was awarded the sale …yea , can you smell it too …??¿¿??¿¿?

  5. Martin Zielinski

    I listen sister

  6. Richard Llewellyn

    Great interviews and reporting. Here in Boise, Idaho, the new threat may be Urban Renewal (aka Speculator Subsidy) and Zoning ‘reform’ that entitles higher densities on the land underlying trailer parks. Distant investors has been buying up these communities, jacking up rents, waiting for the big windfall to sell. Many of the communities are quite nice — bigger yards, more open space, more resident investment than the typical new rental compounds.

  7. This is why vice reporting is amazing. Thank you 🙏🏾

  8. What ISNT under threat anymore? Rome fell….Nothing is forever. We are at the brink of something huge, Good luck fellow Human Beings.

  9. It’s not over

  10. It’s utterly heartbreaking. I’m so fortunate in my small European country taken care of by the state for now.

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