‘American Idol’ victor Laine Robust relives final moment

The victor joins “GMA” to debate his expedition on the singing contest and his variation of the nerve-wracking moment he was proclaimed the victor. READ MORE: https://gma.abc/2Jw9ZMW


  1. both are winners.

  2. Why do people still watch that garbage show

  3. This piece of shit!!!!!

  4. A person of Mexican descent an AMERICAN IDOL???? AmeriKKKa could NEVER allow that…..

    • Concerned Citizen

      Remember Chris Blue won The Voice about 3 seasons back? Guess not. Your memory is not as good as an amoeba’s. And, WHO is that HOSTING ‘GMA’ in the video above? Some ‘KKK’ survivor? Well, they didn’t pick Adam to win his season either yet, there he was yesterday, in a stellar role on stage. Plus, Alejandro is afraid to fly and refused to take the flight to NYC along with Laine. A person who really wants to succeed as a National star in show-biz really MUST FLY or decide on some other career.

  5. JayrseyshoreGardner

    Congrats bayou boy.. second times the charm.. You and homie deserved top 2

  6. Concerned Citizen

    Laine surprises himself when he performs. He’s really a L’il Elvis and doesn’t yet realize it despite the performances. I’m still surprised he hasn’t developed a ‘rap’ of snappy answers to standard Media questions. It detracts from his nascent ‘star power’ aura and he needs to quickly improve that but his performances are really great. Maybe he’s tired from the ‘red eye’ and Show-biz is hard, but, that’s why they get the big bux.

  7. Concerned Citizen

    Jeremiah was the best actual singer, but he overplayed his ‘gay card’ by a mile, wearing out his welcome.

  8. His clothes and rings are so cheesy LoL

  9. He reminds me of a young Elvis Pressly

  10. American Idol is still a thing?

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