AMD at CES 2021

Join CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she highlights AMD’s high-performance computing and graphics solutions portfolio and outlines the company’s groundbreaking vision for the future of research, education, work, enjoyment, and gaming.

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  1. The World Shrinks HoRyZens Expand !!!

  2. everything fine and nice AMD, but do not show me these phantom users

  3. Lisa Su is really something! Great job leading AMD into becoming the market leader, Kudos.

  4. Михаил Орлюк

  5. How about cutting out all the boring, unnecessary fluff from the next keynote, please? No-one is interested in watching CEOs congratulate each other for 30 minutes. We want to see features, specs and pricing of the stuff you’re bringing to market and that’s it. This was one of the most boring things I’ve watched in a long time. And I even have a 5900X in my PC so it’s not like I’m an AMD hater or something, and generally I like watching product releases.

  6. is there a product in development against nvidia cuda?

  7. Nintendo pls go away from Nvidia.

  8. i was on the fence between intel / Nvidia and AMD for my next pc, this keynote helped me alot to decide not to touch AMD.

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