AMANDA NUNES BLASTS RONDA ROUSEY… She’s Always Been Overrated | TMZ Sports

Amanda Nunes can not comprehend why so many people LOST to Ronda Rousey — telling TMZ Sports the UFC star is impressively overestimated and the fight was WAY EASIER than she believed it was gonna be.

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  1. Lol Amanda Nunes gives me a boner. WHY?!

  2. bad winner this ped using penis

  3. sounds like hè has down syndrome too

  4. Rhonda could never and i repeat never strike. She honestly shouldn’t have
    beaten Tate in either fight if Tate would have kept the fights standing
    instead of going for the clench both times and trying to take Roussey down.
    Rewatch those fights and see how she was tagging Rhonda up and down.

  5. PART 2 ?

  6. Amanda nines is talking to much shit ok we get it u beat her she wouldn’t
    be acting like this if Ronda kicked her ass I can’t wait for someone to
    kick Amanda’s head off

  7. i just wish the ref had not stepped in that early. LOUSEY was still
    standing.. i guess another punch or two would have decapitated her .. the
    way she was bouncing off the fence like a f- ing ping pong..

  8. Doesn’t Amanda look like Michael DeLorenzo?

  9. Bruno Mars got a haircut

  10. she paved the way for women in the sport, have to give her credit for that

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